How to measure user satisfaction

As user researchers, we are often required to measure user satisfaction. This is an important metric that helps us understand how much the user likes the product / service they are using and how likely they are to continue to use the product or service in future and recommend to others. As we already know … Read more

Do UX bootcamps really work?

As someone who wants to start their career in UX Design or UX research, you need to get the skills before being hired as a professional. There are various ways of building your skills While the pros and cons of the first 3 are known, the last one – bootcamps have started mushrooming on the … Read more

Useful resources for statistics in UX Research

Most UX researchers specialise in qualitative research. However having a good understanding of quantitative methods is a very useful skill in your toolkit. Knowing statistics is fundamental here. Below is a list of some resources that can help you learn statistics and quantitative methods: The Manga guide to Statistics by Shin Takahashi is a very … Read more

How to choose the right course for you

When it come to learning a subject through a course, you have multiple options. However everyone has a slightly different learning style, constraints, motives and spending power. Choosing the right course by thinking through all these factors will increase the chances of success. Answering the following questions can help you pick the right course for … Read more

How to get the most out of online courses

Online learning has exploded in the past 2 years. About 92 million learners enrolled on Coursera in 2022 itself. While these are convenient, it is also challenging to learn for many of the learners with only 15% completion rate. So how to get the most out of online courses? This article discusses exactly these strategies. … Read more

Documenting usability testing with the TOFIRE template

Dear UXer, Often times new researchers get confused about the right way to document and analyze their usability testing findings. They experiment with various methods, often losing time and fidelity in the process. Based on my experience, I have created a template that I find pretty effective. I call it the TOFIRE template. The letters … Read more

Alternative frameworks for heuristic reviews

Dear UXer, Being able to conduct a heuristic review of an application, portal, app, or a website is an important skill that you should acquire as a UX professional. A heuristic review is an assessment of a portal, application or website to see how it measures up against established principles of usability. These reviews are … Read more

Getting started with UX research

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Dear UXer, Many UX design professionals have messaged me on LinkedIn asking me for advice on how to switch to UX research. They are either frustrated by lack of well-paying jobs, or being used as “wireframe workers” or by entry of figma artists who call themselves UI/UX designers. If you are one of them let … Read more