Useful resources for statistics in UX Research

Most UX researchers specialise in qualitative research. However having a good understanding of quantitative methods is a very useful skill in your toolkit. Knowing statistics is fundamental here. Below is a list of some resources that can help you learn statistics and quantitative methods:

The Manga guide to Statistics by Shin Takahashi is a very entertaining book which teaches you statistics in a fun way. It follows the story of a teenager Rui who has a crush on one Mr. Igarashi and learns statistics to impress him.

Statistical tests: choosing which statistical test to use is exactly what it says. It is a great guide to help you decide the best statistical test to apply for your data.

Practical Statistics for UX and customer research course is offered by the legendary Jeff Sauro under whom I had the good fortune to take an in-person 3 day workshop back in 2010. There used to be a similar course offered by Jeff Sauro on Udemy (again I was lucky to take it in 2019) but has since disappeared. Remember this is an expensive course ($$$$)! There is also a book that serves as a great reference РQuantifying the User Experience: Practical Statistics for User Research 2nd Edition

Are there any other topics or blogs you would like me to cover? Let me know in the comments.

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